Feds Rescue Trafficking Victim Locked in San Diego Home and Forced to Work Without Pay

According to U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, the woman was forced to work in a couple’s El Cajon home for up to 18 hours a day without pay

By Monica Garske

Two people were arrested in connection with a case of forced labor in El Cajon. According to prosecutors, an Indonesian woman was threatened into working long hours without pay for many months, with the suspects essentially holding her captive. NBC 7’s Omari Fleming reports. (Published Saturday, April 9, 2016)

A San Diego couple is accused of forcing an Indonesian woman to work in their home for up to 18 hours a day without pay, telling her she wasn’t allowed to leave — and even hiding her passport, federal authorities said.

According to the office of United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy, El Cajon residents Firas Majeed, 44, and Shatha Abbas, 38, were arrested and charged with forced labor, human trafficking and document servitude Friday for keeping a woman as their own personal worker in their home, without paying her or giving her a single day off.

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Posted on April 16, 2016 in Videos News & More

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